BUSSARD-75 Bino (640x480) 8xZoom -


BUSSARD-75 Bino (640x480) 8xZoom -

Product no.: BUSSARD-75 Bino (640x480)

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Product information "Buzzard 75 Bino"
Frame rate: 60 Hz
Design type: Binocular
Size: medium to large
Resolution: 640x480 pixels
Lens size: 75mm
Zoom: 8x
Recording function: No
Mass: up to 1000g
pitch: 12 microns

Thermal imaging optics with 640x480 pixels and 12 microns pitch. The optics has a VOx detector and is a leader in its class. This lens is supplied with a 50mm objective lens and manual focus and thus has an optimal configuration for the highseat. 60Hz frame rate guarantee fascinating images in real time. Four AA batteries provide continuous operation for at least six hours. The modular design of the Buzzard Series enables application-specific configuration. Are available Wechselokulare for mono or binocular approach and interchangeable lenses in diameter of 35/75 / 100mm. Depending on the application, the optics can thus be optimally configured. Experience the stereoscopic vision in a fascinating detail.



technical features

  • Made in Germany

  • 60Hz frame rate

  • 75mm objective lens (focal length) manually focusable

  • 640x480 VOx detector with 12 microns pitch

  • NETD <30MK

  • F-number: f / 1:1

  • Field of view: 5,86° (H) x 4,39° (V) / 7,32° (D)

  • Focus range: 4m to infinity

  • 3.6 times optical magnification (System FOV ratio)

  • pixel FOV = 0.16 mrad / 16mm at 100m

  • Detection: 3.750m / detection: 1.406m / ID: 750 (by Johnson)

  • to 8 times magnification digital

  • 640x480 OLED display

  • modus: white-hot, black-hot, edge

  • 4x AA batteries having at least 6 hours running time

  • External power supply via USB cable possible

  • Housing made of high-strength plastic PEEK

  • nitrogen Filled

  • IP67 protection

  • Dimensions: 130x60x210mm

  • weight 990g

  • Warranty: 8 years


Thermal imaging optics, lens cover, operating instructions (German), carrying case


Product Note Status Price
Power Bank Akku Pack Power Bank Akku Pack
39.90 € *
Buzzard Car power cable Buzzard Car power cable
169.00 € *
Buzzard USB power cable Buzzard USB power cable
139.00 € *
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