FLIR actions currently

FLIR actions currently


NEW thermal imaging camera series of superlatives!

The FLIR ex-series offers you new possibilities. Simply aim, storeand analyze.

A FLIR ex camera is for example a more affordable substitute for an IR point pyrometerMeasure not only the temperature ofa single point, but that each individual pixel in the imageThe new, combined and unique MSX ® image storage withinfrared and digital image, makes the camera an incomparably easy to the operation and evaluation of your images.











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Product no.: FLIR E5xt Promo Aktion

FLIR E5xt thermal imaging camera 160x120px (19.200) 25° + WiFi
NEW - with the revolutionary MSX + WiFi function!


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expected shipment 5-15 workingdays (manufacturer may also deviate from it)

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FLIR Aktionen aktuell

FLIR Aktionen aktuell

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