Pulsar Core FXQ35 (384x288) Infraredcamera

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Pulsar Core FXQ35BW top modern thermal imaging device with 1.2 km sensor range, 384x288 pixel sensor resolution as well as 50Hz refresh rate


The Pulsar Core FXQ35 is a state-of-the-art and multifunctional thermal imaging device with high sensor and screen resolution and 50Hz refresh rate. Equipped is the Pulsar Core FXQ35 with the new 17μm / 384x288 bolometer. Compared to the predecessor model, the resolution is about 30% higher than before. The result is an even sharper image with the highest level of detail recognition. Also new is the AMOLED display for even better picture reproduction. With a shock load capacity of up to 6000 joules, the FXQ35 is also suitable for the toughest operating conditions.


Model: Pulsar Core FXQ35BW
50Hz refresh rate
Magnification Optical 1x / 5x
Zoom Digital -
Resolution, pixels 384x288
Close Focus 5
Spectral range 7.5-13.5 μm
Field of view, @ 100m 17m
Dioptrieneinstellbereich + 5 / -5
Max. Detection range for one object (1.7x0.5 m) 1200m (depending on size and heat radiation
the object also continues)
Power supply 6V / 2xCR123A
Degree of protection, IP Code (IEC60529) IPХ7
Operating temperature -25 ° С to +50 ° С, humidity up to 90%
Dimensions without / with eyepiece 190x65x60mm / 315x65x60
Weight (without batteries and without eyepiece) 650g


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