KFZ-Adapter, 12VDC Ex/K2-Series

Product no.: FLIR KFZ-Adapter_Ex/K2-Serie

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T198532 Car charger<
This cable is used to power the infrared camera Ex/K2 Series from the 12 V socket in a car.

Input: 12/24 V
Output: 5 V

Cable length: 1 m (3.3 ft.)

Color: Black
Packaging, weight: 0.175 kg
Packaging, size: 170 × 75 × 65 mm
EAN-13: 7332558004876
4743254001060 (Estonia plant)

Compatible with the following products
63901-0101; FLIR E4
63905-0501; FLIR E5
63902-0202; FLIR E6
63903-0303; FLIR E8
73701-0101; FLIR K2
72001-0101; FLIR C2
72002-0202; FLIR C2 Educational Kit


Product Note Status Price
FLIR C2 Infraredcamera FLIR C2 Infraredcamera
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